It’s the start of spring and the weather is improving as winter slowly leaves us. It has been a time of stagnation in the street art and graffiti scene as the artist avoid the freezing temperatures, but as the mercury rises there is a stirring in the streets, an energy that invites us back outside and the perfect opportunity for artists to get active again. An artist who goes by the name of FUKU SHIMA recently bombed Friedrichshain in RAW, the East Side Gallery, the Oberbaumbrücke and throughout Kreuzberg. Featuring throw up and paste up styles we have had a whole new project of art donated to the streets, ad a run one at that.

IMG_4473 IMG_4351   

FUKU SHIMA hit the streets leaving behind a few fish designs, @ Pirates Berlin, The Alicé Pasquini Mural and RAW Temple.

 IMG_4234 IMG_4291

Along with the fish there were a few paste ups left behind on the East Side Gallery of the ‘fish face’ design but no tags were left with any of the works. So I had to search a little more to put a name to the new works of art. I identified this artist through stickers, displaying the unique style that appeared throughout the Kreuzberg district known as the Wrangel Kiez.

IMG_4509 IMG_4302

This sort of bombing is rather interesting as we see a blend of graffiti styles mixed with street art installation techniques. Quite a simple design but also attention grabbing and a really fun design to add to the  street art scene in the area.