There are many street artists here in Berlin. In fact there are so many that some locals don’t even see the art anymore. Completely accustomed to it, many locals claim it takes a great piece to get the attention of the local residents. This is not to say they do not appreciate the street art. Imagine if you will living in Willy Wonkas chocolate factory, would it not take some incredible piece of new chocolate for you to bat an eye? Well there are a few artists who have mastered the subtlety and beauty of their art to attract everyone attention. One such artist is Alice Pasquini.

Alice Pasquini is an Italian artist based in Rome and active in the streets of Europe including Berlin. With ties to C215 she has taken her design and illustration talents previously learned in Europe and Australia to the streets. Her art depicts detailed characters with a focus on the strength of women. Her art works are well placed and attractive to passes by.

When Alice came to Berlin she bombed the districts of Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg. It’s hard not to see her if you are paying attention to the walls.

An inspiration on the streets of Berlin. Truly something special.