Tour Details

When: Every day at 20:30
Where: Milan’s Cocktail (Carrer de Milans, 7 08002, Barcelona, Spain)
Price: €30 (1,5 Hours Free Drinks optional 20€ extra)

You must book online to participate in the pub crawl, as all seats are reserved in advance.

The Original Barcelona Pub Crawl With 1.5 Hours Open Bar

Join us as we venture through the city’s eclectic mix of pubs and bars, culminating in one of Barcelona’s largest nightclubs. Your ticket to an unforgettable evening awaits! Unsure of where to find the hottest spots? Fret not, we’ve got you covered. Come along with us as we delve into the thriving nightlife scene of Barcelona!

Welcome to “The Original Barcelona Pub Crawl,” the ultimate social pub and bar excursion in the city. Our journey begins at a cozy bar before we traverse through the lively streets of Barcelona’s alternative neighborhoods. Led by our knowledgeable guides, we’ll explore hidden gems and local favorites, from cocktail lounges to Shisha bars, Electro lounges to Rock and Steam Punk Bars, with our final destination being one of Barcelona’s premier clubs. Our guides are here to provide insider knowledge, showcasing a side of Barcelona not found in guidebooks.

Experience Barcelona’s nightlife like never before

Discover Barcelona’s renowned nightlife scene with VIP access to one of the city’s top clubs. Meet your guide and fellow travelers, starting the evening with a variety of vodka, whisky, gin, and rum mixers at our first venue. Sip and socialize to your heart’s content before venturing out into the electrifying Barcelona night.

The Original Barcelona Pub Crawl Includes:

(3-4) great Bars and clubs
Some of Barcelona’s best venues
1,5 hours Free Drinks Special includes
bottled beers
cocktails & mixed drinks
Professional guides

For group booking or question, please email

  • Participants must legally be over 18 years of age. Be Original Tours encourage responsible drinking and safety from all participants.
  • A metro or bus ticket may be required.
  • (Some clubs don’t allow sandals or tank tops for guys)

A pub crawl is one fun adventure you can embark on at night. You get to tour with like-minded people, hopping from one bar to another and socializing. If you love to party, bar crawling offers the correct dose of tipsy and jolly. Pub crawling is all about drinking, partying, meeting people, and if you are wearing dancing shoes, good for you: there will be dancing too. 

Pub crawling is a great way to spend the weekend after a hectic week. If your idea of stress relief is drinking and partying, then you must be a fan of pub crawls. As fun as this activity is, it can be stripped of its colors when you pub crawl alone. Doing this in groups helps you meet new people and mingle, especially if you are a tourist. This is why pub crawl tours are great.

The pub crawl night out is way different from every usual night out because its purpose is to experience nightlife while drinking. From the start point, you move with the group to a pub and take at least one drink there. If you are curious enough to want to get a taste of as much drink as you can, you can go for a mixed drink. 

Pub crawling is done in at least three bars and ends at a club where you party till dawn. If you are going with a pub crawl tour, you pay an initial fee to get free access to all the pubs and VIP entry into the nightclub at the end of the tour. Going with a pub crawl group is very important when you are a tourist and don’t know your way around. The local tour who knows the finest bar will guide you all through the night, and if you happen to pick the right pub crawl, your night will be filled with fun and memorable moments.

Why Should You Go Pub Crawling in Barcelona? 

Barcelona, Spain, is among the best party cities, so the nightlife in Barcelona is crazy and exciting. There are lots of sights to see and fun places to go to. One of the best night activities in Barcelona is pub crawling. The city of Barcelona is famous for its pub crawl tours for many reasons:

  • Beautiful Night Scenery: Barcelona is no doubt a beautiful city. Its architectural structure draws tourists, and it looks even more beautiful at night. Pub crawling is a fun way to enjoy the nightlife scenery in Barcelona. 
  • Local Bars: The local bars in Barcelona are much different from the random bars you would find. It has nice pubs, tapas, and Spanish and Catalan bars filled with locals. These pubs are anything but boring as it offers live music and some of the best drinks and wines, including craft beers. Some popular bars in Barcelona are Coco Vail beer hall, Dry Martini, Vai Moana, and Paradiso.
  • Wine and Drinks: It is no news that Catalonia wines are one of the best. It has its unique taste. Barcelona boasts a vast collection of wine. Cava, Sangria, rum, craft beers, and the famous nightlife drink, gin, and tonic. You will have a blast tasting all of the best wines Barcelona has to offer when you go bar hopping in Barcelona.

The Best Pub Crawl in Barcelona

The Original Barcelona Pub Crawl is one of the best pub crawls in Barcelona. The team meets at Milan’s Cocktail by 8:00 pm every day. The guides know the nook and crannies of Barcelona as well as its history. So you don’t just hop from pub to pub; you also get to learn a little more about the city as you go on your 4-hour tour in Gotham quarter.

With a group of other fun-seeking tourists and locals, this Pub Crawl takes you on a night’s adventure in the city of Barcelona after you get to socialize with the group members. Spanish and Catalan bars with live music, wild bars, and modern electronic music bars are among the fun bars juggled every evening on the list. 

The night will be colored with drinking games, and if you don’t know how to dance Salsa, at the end of the night, you’d have learned how to dance at the dance hall. The fun never ends as it reaches its peak at the club, where you get a free VIP entry. You surely cannot find a better deal as you experience Barcelona’s nightlife at one of the hottest clubs in Gothic quarters, from night till dawn. 

All You Can Drink for Free at the Original Barcelona Pub crawl

The Original Barcelona Pub Crawl offers free drinks and drinks specials to its pub crawlers at each bar. No point in bar hopping without getting to taste the different drinks available. We take you to the best bars with the best drinks and let you enjoy yourself to the fullest. 

Barcelona is well known for winemaking, so you can trust us to get you the best stuff. Besides wine, some of the free drinks we offer are mixed drinks. Something is fascinating about mixed drinks, and that is the burst of flavor it offers wine. It is like mixing in so many colors to form a beautiful rainbow. Sometimes you cannot guess what the outcome will be. 

Gin tonic has become quite popular, and Barcelona nightlife is known for its gin and tonic, so we could not leave this out of the list. If you are a tourist, you definitely should not leave Barcelona without having a glass of our gin tonic. Other drinks include cola, cocktails, vodka tonics, and rum. 

Drinks make a fun day more fun, so as you spend the night pub crawling, we want to ensure you get the best. The Original Barcelona Pub Crawl gives you a buffet of drinks, music, and fun. It’s the perfect combo to make your night unforgettable

What Should You Know Before Pub Crawling?

Whether you are going solo or with a group, your pub crawl can become a disaster if you are not careful enough to plan well and take caution. Here is a list of things to guide you on your night out. 

  • Dress Casually: You are going for a social outing, and you aim to drink, party, and have fun, so your outfit should match the occasion. Put on a casual outfit and shoes, and get ready for a night of nonstop fun. 
  • Take Some Extra Cash: It is a night of bar hopping and club crashing, and you cannot predict how the day will go. It is important to carry extra cash if you have any reason to spend more than you planned. You cannot afford to be stranded. 
  • Eat Before You Leave: Drinking on an empty stomach is anything but pleasant. It could even get you drunk quickly. Your pub crawling adventure might even take you around different locations that are far apart. This means you will be doing a lot of moving around, so you need food in your stomach to carry you through the night. 
  • Listen to The Guide: If you are pub crawling with a guide, you need to listen to the instructions given, especially if you are a tourist. Nightlife can be dangerous sometimes and following someone who knows the way is your surest path to safety. 
  • Drink Responsibly: We know you love to drink and party, but you must be careful how you drink. Drinking too much could make you drunk and unable to control yourself. This might become embarrassing and even put you in danger. It is best to take one drink per bar and know when you have reached your limit. Also, you shouldn’t drink on the streets as this is irresponsible and could attract a fine. 
  • Socialize: One of the goals of bar hopping is to meet new people. When on a pub crawl, you meet people from different parts of the world. This is an opportunity to make new friends and learn about new cultures, so it will be wrong if you do not mingle with others.

The Bottom Line

Barcelona is filled with many fun activities, and pub crawling is on the list of fun night activities. If you love night outings, pub crawling is a fun idea, and Barcelona has some of the best bars, talk more about the fantastic variety of drinks available. 

There are many great bar spots in Barcelona, but if you don’t know much about them, it is best to go with a Pub crawl tour. Pub crawls offer drink sampling, partying, meeting new people from different parts of the world, dancing, and an avenue to play drinking games, and you get the added benefit of going in a group.

The Original Pub Crawl Barcelona is one of the best pub crawls in Barcelona. The tour guides are friendly, and the locations are hand-picked to give you the best bar hopping experience. Book your pub crawl in Barcelona now.

What to expect on the bar crawl Barcelona

  • 4+ bars and clubs
  • Local Nightlife guide
  • 1,5 Hours Free Drinks (optional 20€ extra)
  • One great Night
  • Drinking Games

Bar Crawl Barcelona Tour Details

When: Every day at 20:30
Where: Milan’s Cocktail (Carrer de Milans, 7 08002, Barcelona, Spain)
Price: €30 (1,5 Hours Free Drinks optional 20€ extra)