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by | Mar 7, 2024 | Original Berlin

The Berlin Wall was definitely something other than a wall. It epitomized the agony of detachment endured by families and networks during the German division following World War II. It was the most powerful image of the worldwide battle between socialism and free enterprise during the Cold War.  

The Berlin Wall was a substantial boundary that genuinely and philosophically partitioned Berlin from 1961 to 1989 and surrounded and isolated West Berlin from the East German region. Development of the wall was started by the German Democratic Republic (GDR, East Germany) on 13 August 1961.

The Wall cut off West Berlin from encompassing East Germany, including East Berlin. The obstruction included watching towers put along enormous substantial walls, joined by a vast region (later known as the “demise strip”) that contained enemy vehicle channels, beds of nails and different protections.  

The Eastern Bloc depicted the Wall as shielding its populace from fundamentalist components plotting to forestall the “will of individuals” from building a communist state in East Germany. Even before the memorialisation that happened after the wall fell, it was the location of unimaginable departures and an awful death toll.

From the Wall Memorial, we will make a beeline for part of Mitte where the Berlin Wall limited the American Sector toward the South and as well as the British Sector toward the west. There we will see the Check Point Charlie (the most renowned of all the intersection focuses among West and East), the gigantic previous House of Ministries structures (and a rare example of enduring Nazi service structures) and from that point, head to the last getting by of the BT – variation Watchtower (which we can climb).  

The visit wraps up at Potsdamer Platz, where one of the most active city crossing points in Europe was demolished before the Second World War. What remained was additionally deleted because of the development of the Wall and the improvement of the demise strip. Presently a clamouring business and diversion locale, it is a detailed image of how a city can bounce back based on what was a social fiasco if there at any point was one. This is a Walking Tour pickup. 

Along the Berlin Wall 

The Berlin Wall was undeniably something beyond a wall. It encapsulated the torment of detachment endured by families and networks during the German division following World War II. It was a strong image of the worldwide battle between socialism and private enterprise during the Cold War. While not the most elevated, the greatest or the longest, the Berlin Wall is likely the most popular. Furthermore, no excursion to Berlin would be finished without visiting it and the other critical destinations related to it. 

The period following World War II left Germany isolated and, at last, led to the shaping of East and West Germany. No place is more evident than in Berlin. On this visit, we let you experience the hints of the actual Wall that stays in Berlin, and we recreate for you this specific and challenging time of Berlin’s and Germany’s set of experiences. 

Cold War in Berlin – A separated city 

Not many families stayed immaculate by the division of the city: guardians were isolated from kids, darlings ended up on ‘some unacceptable’ side of the Berlin Wall and youngsters wishing to get away from the limitations of East German culture needed to put their lives in danger attempting to get away from it. 

Along the previous passing piece of the Berlin Wall 

 The fifteen-kilometre course is associated with many destinations of Berlin Wall history, including the extension where the central design spot of the Wall fell at Bornholmer Strasse  Charlie. The site of a risky deadlock between Russian and American tanks in 1961 and a few tremendous break endeavours. 

See survivors from the Berlin Wall 

Unquestionably, the Berlin Wall was the characterising image of the Cold War and denoted the boundary between a majority rule system and tyranny, private enterprise and socialism in Berlin. You will also experience one of a handful of the excess watch towers, the passing strip, and stowed stretches of the scandalous ‘Hostile to Fascist Protection Barrier’ as it was brought in the socialist East. You will likewise see places like Mauer Park, where old parts of the Berlin Wall and No Man’s property have been redeveloped into energetic focuses of the city’s social and public activity. 

The Berlin Wall – History and individual stories 

There is a wealth of tales about the Berlin Wall; life in East Berlin, the East German mystery police (Stasi) and the days around ninth November 1989 when the quiet unrest, at last, finished the times of the city’s division. The Berlin Wall was not one wall; it was two. Estimating 155 kilometres (96 miles) in length and four meters (13 feet) tall, these walls were isolated by a vigorously watched, mined hall of land known as the ‘passing strip’. 

It was under the consistent reconnaissance of outfitted East German line watches which were approved to shoot anybody endeavouring to escape into West Berlin. By 1989, the Wall was fixed with 302 lookouts. In excess of 100 individuals passed on attempting to get to the Berlin Wall throughout its 28-year history. However, the Wall was only one piece of the more significant ‘internal German boundary’ that isolated East and West Germany, and hundreds more were killed attempting to cross other invigorated lines. 

What will you see during the Berlin Wall Tour? 

The 5-hour visit utilising an agreeable, cooled vehicle authorised for use for touring will include: 

  • The Allied Museum (if it’s not too much trouble, note: shut on Mondays), 
  • Brandenburg door 
  • East Side Gallery Wall remainder with paintings of 1990, 
  • The socialist motorcade road on Karl Marx Avenue 
  • Schöneberg City Hall 
  • The previous Ministry for State Security – “Stasi” Headquarters 
  • Life in an area only close to the Berlin Wall – Prenzlauer Berg 
  • Zionskirche – the job of the congregation in East Germany 
  • Bornholmer Straße – site of the Fall of the Wall 
  • Blend Mauerpark 
  • Get away from endeavours at Bernauer Straße 
  • Berlin Wall Memorial 
  • Demise strip and apparition station at Nordbahnhof 
  • Previous watch tower at Kieler Eck – presently Günther Litfin remembrance 
  • Government District and Brandenburg Gate – where Berlin came together 
  • Designated spot Charlie 
  • The Palace of Tears – designated spot Friedrichstraße 

Berlin became the dominant focal point in Cold War history – on this visit, we will visit every one of the significant destinations that are profoundly associated with that: the Berlin Airlift Memorial at the notable Tempelhof Airport, the Allied Museum, the safeguarded legitimate segments of the Berlin Wall, the previous East German government quarter. We will likewise visit the previous site of Checkpoint Charlie and numerous other appropriate structures and areas in the downtown area. 

We will cover the exciting time frame between the Second World War and the development of the Berlin Wall when the awkward coalition between the Soviets and Western Allies broke, proclaiming the start of the Cold War. 

  • What prompted the development of the wall? 
  • What prompted its fall? 
  • What does life resemble on the two sides of the Berlin Wall? 
  • Likewise, we will look at the many fluctuated, clever ways individuals got away and some particular break spots. 

Our Guides have led many visits to the Berlin Wall and Cold War. We have formed this visit from long stretches of visit-directing experience and individual examination. Whether you are a set of experiences buff yourself or simply a curious explorer, we don’t figure you will be frustrated. We will cover the Who, the Why, the When, and the how and perceive how this set of experiences is applicable today 

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Visit Overview 

The Berlin Wall is likely the most emblematic antique of the Cold War and the alleged Iron Curtain, separating Berlin into two universes that could never have been more unique. Furthermore, it was more than just “the Wall” — there were underground phantom stations, a tear castle and complex boundary establishments known as “the passing strip.” Notwithstanding the actual division, there was a political division, unrealistic philosophical hindrances, and a few out-and-out idiocies. 

On this Berlin Cold War visit, you’ll drench yourself in the past universe of communist East Berlin. Find out about mind-blowing getaway from stories, the Allied tank conflict at Checkpoint Charlie, and the Soviet landmarks that are still of incredible emblematic significance right up ’till now. Visit Brandenburg Gate, which was once an image of division and addresses German reunification. 

At last, look at the East Side Gallery, where the lethal wall has been re-committed as the most extended outdoors artistry display on the planet. 

Visit Flexibility 

This visit is adaptable with regard to time and content. A base span of four hours is suggested. Features like the Soviet War Memorial in Treptow, the East Side Gallery, or the previous Stalin Alee can be coordinated on an eight-hour entire day visit. Each visit is custom fitted to your inclinations. Tell us ahead of time, assuming there are specific destinations you might want to see, and we’ll create a schedule only for you. 


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The Original Berlin cold war tour offers you the best touring experience in Berlin. Explore the wall and all the interesting stories behind it with our enthusiastic tour guide.

Thank you for reading. If you're inspired by the stories of Berlin and want to delve deeper, why not join us on our Free Berlin Walking Tour? It's a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the city's rich history and vibrant culture. We look forward to welcoming you soon.


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Free Walking Tour Berlin

When: Every day 10am & 12pm every day
Where: The meeting point is in front of the ehemaliges Kaiserliches Postfuhramt Berlin, Oranienburger Straße, 10117 Berlin, Germany, next to the entrance.
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