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Comparing the Cost of Living in Berlin and London

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Original Berlin

Many people often wonder about the cost of living in different cities, especially when planning to relocate or visit. Two popular European cities that often come up in these discussions are Berlin and London. In this article, we will explore the various factors that contribute to the overall expense in both cities and compare the cost of living between Berlin and London.

1. Accommodation

One of the major expenses that individuals consider when relocating is the cost of accommodation. In general, it can be said that Berlin is more affordable than London when it comes to housing. London is known for its high property prices and expensive rental market. On the other hand, Berlin offers a more affordable range of apartments and houses, making it an attractive option for many.


In London, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the city center can be around £2,000 ($2,600) per month, whereas the same apartment in Berlin might cost around €1,000 ($1,160). This significant price difference is due to various factors, including the housing market and demand in each city.

2. Transportation

Transportation costs also play a significant role in the overall cost of living. Both Berlin and London have extensive public transportation systems, but there are differences to consider. London has an elaborate underground system known as the Tube, while Berlin has an extensive network of trams, buses, and an underground system known as the U-Bahn.

London’s transportation fares can be relatively higher compared to Berlin. The cost of a single journey in London can range from £2.40 ($3.10) to £4.90 ($6.36) depending on the zones traveled, while a similar journey in Berlin would cost around €2.90 ($3.36).


If you plan to use public transportation frequently, consider getting weekly, monthly, or annual passes, which can help save a significant amount of money in both cities.

3. Food and Dining

Food costs can vary depending on personal preferences and dining choices. While there are affordable options in both cities, dining out in restaurants can be more expensive in London compared to Berlin. Berlin offers a wide range of affordable eateries, from street food stalls to budget-friendly restaurants, where you can enjoy tasty meals without breaking the bank.

On average, a meal for two at a mid-range restaurant in London can cost around £50 ($65), whereas in Berlin, it may cost around €35 ($40).


To save money on dining out, consider exploring local markets in both cities. Berlin has a vibrant street food culture, while London boasts numerous food markets where you can find a diverse range of delicious and affordable options.

4. Entertainment and Recreation

Both Berlin and London offer a wide array of entertainment and recreational activities. While London is known for its iconic attractions such as the British Museum and the Tower of London, Berlin boasts world-class museums, vibrant nightlife, and numerous parks.

When it comes to entertainment expenses, Berlin tends to be more wallet-friendly. Museums and galleries in Berlin often have lower entrance fees compared to their London counterparts. Additionally, the cost of tickets for movies, concerts, and other events may also be more affordable in Berlin.


Entrance to the British Museum in London is free, but a visit to the Museum Island in Berlin costs around €12 ($14).


While both Berlin and London are vibrant and exciting cities to live in or visit, there are notable differences in the cost of living between the two. Berlin generally offers a more affordable lifestyle, particularly in terms of accommodation, transportation, dining out, and entertainment expenses.

However, it’s important to consider personal circumstances, job opportunities, and other factors beyond the cost of living when making decisions about relocating or visiting a new city. The comparison outlined in this article is a general guideline, and individual experiences may vary.

Ultimately, the decision between Berlin and London depends on various factors, including personal preferences, career opportunities, and lifestyle choices.

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