Since 2002 the no pants subway ride has been growing popular in cities across the globe. Created to bring the fun and put smiles on the faces of subway passengers across the globe.

There are some simple rules:

Rule 1) Go pants-less at the platform and/or on the train (designated route by event planners).
Rule 2) Act completely normal and don’t talk about NPSR
Rule 3) Hold a valid travel ticket.
Rule 4) Do not act indecently, if you cause offence move on politely.
Rule 5) If participating and under 18 years old you must have written parental consent.

The first event took place in 2002 in New York city with 7 people participating. By 2006 the event had grown to attract around 150 participants 8 of who were arrested with charges later being dropped. The even grows more popular every year, in 2013 more than 60 cities were registered and this year Berlin did its part again.

It was a cold day at 4 degrees Celsius but the station was full of participants willing to brighten the day of the unsuspecting travellers.

Written by Jamin Barson