Travelling through Berlin in winter can be difficult if you are unprepared for the cold. Sure you can wear as many layers as you can manage until your rucksack is empty or you can take a little advice from an expat, shed your layers for practical clothing.
Woollen socks for your toes, gloves (or ‘hand shoes’ in German) for your fingers, a scarf and a hat are the basics but a good pair of thermals work wonders too. All of this stuff can be found for quite reasonable prices at one of Berlin’s many second hand clothing stores.

… but my ultimate solution is regular intake of alcohol.

Berlin has many places to purchase a warm cup of gluhwein in the cold months but the trick is a shot of rum that usually only costs an extra 50c. If your not a drinker then Tea or coffee may do the trick.

Here are some of my suggestions to stay warm while travelling in the cold.

-Buy some warm socks (even if your shoes aren’t warm the socks will work for a while)
-Wear a scarf and hat always in the cold.
-Use the shops and café’s for short breaks from the cold and try not to let your toes lose feeling between stops.
-Hide in the subway’s for a few minutes.
-If it’s snowing take pick up some gloves and have a snowball fight. The activity will get the blood flowing.
-Take a short run or a jog to get the blood flowing, you’ll cover more ground this way.
-Remember to cuddle whenever possible.
-Stay hydrated and eat high energy food.

If you are dressed properly, surviving outside is comfortable for an hour or two before needing to find warmth to defrost the toes and fingers.

Now you have plenty of time to see all the sights in relative comfort.