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Original Berlin Potsdam Bike Tour / Day Trip

Just southwest of Berlin sits the Royal city of Potsdam. Home to the Original Berlin Potsdam Bike Tour / Day Trip. Jump on one of our new rental bikes and come with us as we head out to the forests and lakes of southern Berlin. We will quickly leave the hustle and bustle of the city behind us, and find ourselves in the middle of nature. After we eventually find our way down to Potsdam, we will pause for a break and some food. Then it is on to visit the royal city.

Once in Potsdam, our local guides will lead the group on a tour of the city, hitting many of Potsdam’s most historical landmarks. Stories of kings, history, legends, and urban tales will be retold while visiting some of Germany’s most exquisite palaces. From the Cecilenhof Palace to the royal parks and gardens. This tour is jam packed with history and culture. 

After the tour, there will be some time to explore by yourself and refuel. From there we will start the ride back through the forests to Berlin. Ending right where we started to drop off the bikes. The ride down and back takes about 2 hours and 15 to 30 minutes, with two fifteen minute breaks each way. The ride is beautiful and not very elevated. Step outside Berlin and into the past with the Original Berlin Potsdam Bike Tour / Day Trip.

The Original Berlin Potsdam Bike Tour / Day Trip

Is about 7 hours and features

Guided ride from Berlin to Potsdam
Bike Rental
Tour of Royal Potsdam
The Cecilienhof
Sanssouci Palace
The Dutch Quarter
Aristocratic Mansion
The Opulent Royal Palace
Potsdam’s fairytale parks and gardens

This tour rides at a moderate pace and also takes breaks for water and to talk about the surrounding area. We will not leave people behind. That said the ride is over 30KM so be able to bike that far to sign up for this tour (not all non-stop). With that in mind, this tour is great for solo, group, and every other type of traveler we can think of!

For large group, bookings contact us by phone or email.

What to expect

  • Guided ride
  • Bike Rental
  • Potsdam Tour
  • Sanssouci Palace
  • Great day trip

Tour Details