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When: Every: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 6:00 PM
Price: 27€

The Original German Berlin Beer Tour

Germany is home to beer and Berlin is no different. Join us as we explore this worldwide libation on the Original German Berlin Beer Tour.

berlin craft beer tour germany

This tour is your chance to learn and taste local and regional Berlin and German Beer. Learn about the Reinheitsgebotthe Germany oldest beer purity laws, still in effect today. Visit some local beer brewers and taste the most recent creations to come out of Berlin. Our local guides are full of beer information and are privy to all the local hot spots to get a craft brew or a local reliable. We will have plenty of free tastings and each place is jam-packed with history and information about Germany’s favorite drink.

This tour will head out to 2 to 3 pubs and 1 brewery. All hand picked by our local guides and ready to serve up some amazing beers. Along the way, the guides will explain the history of Beer in Germany and in particular Berlin. They will also talk about the uniqueness of Beer here in Berlin and in other areas of Germany. Today beer scene in Germany is booming and craft beers are starting to take off. Come with us as we explore the world of German beer on the Original German Berlin Beer Tour.

The Original German Berlin Beer Tour is About 3,5 hours & Includes:

4 different beers
3 local Berlin breweries
great local guides
history of beer in Germany
local beer scene and craft beers
a traditional German snack
much much more

This tour is a fun social atmosphere perfect for solo travelers, groups, and just about every other type of visitor to Berlin we can think of (18+) The group will meet up at a local bar where we will get to know the group and start with the beer tasting. If your looking to find your favorite German Berlin beer look no further than our favorite tour about beer, The Original Berlin Beer Tour.

German Berlin Beer Tour Booking & Meeting Point

Every: Thursday, Friday, Saturday @18:00

Meeting Point: Currently unavailable

Price 27€

What to expect

  • free tastings
  • local brewery
  • 2-3 bars
  • Local craft beers
  • One of a kind tour