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Original Berlin Cold War Tour East Berlin

Come with us and step back into the times of East and West Berlin on the Original Berlin Cold War Tour of East Berlin. This East German Tour heads out to the east side of Berlin. and visits many famous or once famous historical sites. The division of Germany and the varying countries that controlled it had a massive effect on the everyday lives and culture of the German people. Nowhere is that more easily seen by the naked eye than in Berlin. The conflict between east and west culminated here with the creation of the Berlin wall. Come explore what life was like on the dark side of the wall on the Original Berlin Cold War Tour of East Berlin.

Join our local guides as we head out east making stops at boarding crossings, escape points and famous East Berlin landmarks. Our guides will point out the differences from the east to west Berlin. They will look at the propaganda from each side that is still visible today. Telling stories of tragedy and triumph along the route to some of Berlin’s most famous historic points

Officially the German Democratic Republic or GDR in German it was known as Deutsche Demokratische Republik or DDR. At the Yalta Conference during World War II, the Allies (the U.S., the UK, and the Soviet Union) agreed on dividing a defeated Nazi Germany into occupation zones. From the very beginning, the GDR attempted to create its own identity. In the east Prussian monuments and buildings were torn down, and replaced with Soviet and working class monuments.

The conflict between east and west was worldwide and East Germany was one of the hardest hit by the division. Influence heavily by communist mindsets and cultural ideas, the east created many of it’s own products like the Trabant car and various foods. However, Economic problems lead to food and basic good shortages. Which in turn lead to the famous Berlin airlift, numerous escape attempts, and a growing contempt for the Soviet government.

This tour explores it all as well as the reunification of Germany lead by the overtaking of the Berlin wall. The original Berlin Cold War Tour of East Berlin is like no other.

The Original Berlin Cold War Tour East Berlin

is 2.5 hours and Features:

GDR / DDR Historica Landmarks
Escape Attempts
Crossing Points
Life In the GDR / DDR
German Reunification
Cold War Sites
The Palace of Tears (Tränenpalast)
Ghost Stations

What to expect

  • GDR / DDR Sights
  • Crossing Points
  • Ghost Staions
  • East German Life
  • One of a kind tour

Tour Details

Price: 16€