Tour Details

When: The tour starts between 7:00-7:30pm. Please contact us to organize the Tour on a suitable date for your group.
Where: Shuttle bus pic up at your hostel!
Price: 18€ per person

The Original Berlin Teen Club Tour

The Original Berlin Teen Club Tour is a unique party tour designed for travelers and school groups who are under 18 but would like to experience a night out in Berlin. As a student tour of Berlin this tour gives individuals from the age of 15 the chance to gain entrance to one of the hottest clubs in Berlin. With strict regulations the Bar staff will only serve patrons with valid ID’s in a club with the most professional and courteous security team. Parents and trip organizers can rest, assured that their young ones will have a safe and entertaining night out in the capital of culture.

The tour runs for about 6 hours and includes:

Personal tour guide
VIP entry – no waiting in lines
A Welcome drink  (non alcoholic)
Transport to and from your Hostel
Modern design club with 5 dance floors
A wide range of music

A fully guided* fun filled night with no hassles

Only 18€ per person.


Some Impressions

*Terms and conditions
Booking to be made within 48hr of the tour (inquire about same day bookings – not guaranteed)
*A Supervisor (from the group) must accompany the tour guide.
*Guests must be 15+ with a a valid photo ID.
*Pick up from the hostel between 19.30h and return at 2h (times negotiable)
*Guide must be accompanied by a supervisor from the group.
*Tour visits Q-DORF BERLIN (West Berlin)

What to expect

  • VIP entrance
  • A Welcome drink
  • Modern design club
  • 5 dance floors
  • Wide range of music