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The Original Berlin Third Reich Germany Bike Tour

Jump on a bike and come explore with us on The Original Berlin Third Reich Germany Bike Tour. This World War 2 Tour takes you to many of Berlin’s most notable historic landmarks from the time of the Nazi’s rise to power. From the rise of Hitler to the final days of the war. One of the biggest political takeovers in history was orchestrated from Berlin. The Nazi rise and following take over of many aspects of governing and everyday life left many visible marks on Berlin. From buildings, streets, and even modern-day construction, the Third Reich left its mark all over this city. Come explore the areas, buildings, people, and culture that lead to biggest war in world history. Come see history come to life on the Original Berlin World War 2 Bike Tour

This tour is jam-packed with Berlin history. Step back in time with our local Berlin guides to changes that came during World War 2. The guides will make many stops at famous Berlin landmarks, statues, buildings, and monument. Going by bike allows our guides to also take you to some off the beaten path reminisce from this time period. Visit flak towers, battle sites, and hear about the final days in the Battle for Berlin. Our guides are some of the best in the business and have made this Berlin Third Reich Bike Tour one of a kind! Come explore with us!

The Original Berlin Third Reich Germany Bike Tour

is 3 hours and Features:

Battle of Berlin
The Reichstag
 Russian-German War Museum
Flak tower
Prenzlauer Berg
The Site of Hitler’s Bunker
and much more…

Bikes are available and included in the price of the tour. For special requests or private group, bookings email us at Explore with Original Berlin on the Original Berlin Third Reich Bike Tour.

What to expect

  • Bikes Included
  • World War 2 Berlin
  • Local Guides
  • Major Berlin Landmarks
  • One of a kind tour