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The Original Berlin Wall Bike Tour

Come bike the Berlin wall on the Original Berlin Wall Bike Tour. This is your opportunity to bike the remaining sections of the Berlin wall, and also the invisible wall. See where the wall was originally constructed. The differences between the east and west constriction are all that is still visible, and where the wall route went will surprise many. Our local guides will make stops at some historic landmarks, and areas of interest. This Berlin Wall Bike Tour is jampacked with information and locations.

This tour will explore the differences between the east and west side of Berlin. Explain stories of boarding crossings and attempted escapes. The Berlin wall and blockade had devastating effects on the city that can still be seen today. Biking the route of the Berlin Wall is a great way to see some of the histories that carry into today. From military conscription to life near the border, daring escapes, and dire food shortages. This tour is a step back in time into a divided Berlin.


The Original Berlin Wall Bike Tour is 3.5 hours & Features:

Most of the Original Berlin Wall Route.
Eastside Gallery
Berlin Wall Memorial
Guard Towers
Berlin Wall Escape Routes
Hidden Berlin Wall Effects
West Berlin & the DDR
Much Much More

The Original Berlin Wall Bike Tour is an extensive tour of the Berlin Wall. We cover almost the entire length of the wall starting from the east side gallery and working our way north. Although the speed is very calm with many stops there is some biking to be done on this tour, please wear proper attire. There will be places to get drinks and also use the restrooms along the way. Our guides are friendly so if any problems arise on this tour, don’t hesitate to ask the guide! Enjoy the history of Berlin in the Original Berlin Wall Bike Tour.

What to expect

  • The Berlin Wall Route
  • Border Crossings
  • Escape Stories
  • Wall Memorial
  • One of a kind tour