Tour Details

When: Every Night at 21:30
Where: Sark 2, Budapest, Wesselényi u. 21, 1077
Price: €27 (€20 for online reservation, and additional 3800HUF on arrival. You must book online to participate in the pub crawl, as all seats are reserved in advance.)

The Original Budapest Pub Crawl

Join us for the Original Budapest Pub Crawl as we navigate the lively streets of Budapest, hopping from one pub to another before culminating the night in one of the city’s most prominent nightclubs. Your ticket to an unforgettable night out awaits! Unsure of the best spots to hit? Fear not, we’ve got you covered. Come along with us as we dive into the heart of Budapest’s thriving nightlife scene!

Budapest pub crawl tour Includes:

1 Hour Open Bar (free drinks for an hour!)
4+ Budapest Ruin bars, pubs, and dance halls
Free Shots during the crawl
Great Drink specials at every location
The Ultimate Olympics Drinking Games
Free VIP pass into the club no lines
Best Tour Guides in Town

Welcome to “The Original Budapest Pub Crawl,” the ultimate social pub and bar tour in the city. We’ll explore iconic streets like Kazinczy and Gozsdu Udvar, immersing ourselves in Budapest’s eclectic nightlife. Starting at a cozy bar, we’ll journey through a variety of venues, including cocktail lounges, ruin pubs, rooftop bars, and finally, one of Budapest’s top clubs. Led by our knowledgeable guides, you’ll discover hidden gems and local favorites that won’t be found in any guidebook.

Unparalleled Budapest Pub Crawl Experience

Discover Budapest’s renowned nightlife with VIP access to one of the city’s premier clubs. Meet your guide and mingle with fellow travelers before embarking on an evening filled with vodka, whisky, gin, and rum mixers at our first stop. Let loose and explore the vibrant streets of Budapest once you’ve warmed up.

Unveiling Budapest’s Hidden Gems: The Legendary Ruin Bars

Our journey begins with a visit to the iconic Historic Ruin Bars, which have become emblematic of Budapest’s unique nightlife scene. Each of these bars boasts a captivating story, an eclectic blend of history and artistry. As we step into the heart of Budapest’s nightlife, prepare to be mesmerized by the vibrant streets and alleys that have witnessed countless tales of revelry.

  • Szimpla Kert: The first stop on our crawl is often the renowned Szimpla Kert, the granddaddy of ruin bars. It’s a labyrinthine wonderland of mismatched furniture, quirky decorations, and a diverse crowd. Szimpla Kert sets the stage for the adventure ahead.
  • Instant-Fogas: Instant-Fogas is another gem on our route, boasting various rooms with different music genres to suit every taste. It’s a testament to Budapest’s ability to blend old and new seamlessly.
  • Anker’t: Anker’t, tucked away in a courtyard, offers a more relaxed atmosphere where you can savor craft beers and cocktails. It’s a hidden oasis amid bustling Budapest.

Sip and Savor with Our Exclusive 1-Hour Open Bar Experience

As part of our adventure, we make a thrilling pit stop at a fantastic venue, where you’ll enjoy a 1-hour open bar experience. Imagine sipping on your favorite cocktails, sampling local brews, or indulging in your choice of beverages while basking in the lively atmosphere. It’s an opportunity to make lasting memories with fellow crawlers, forging new friendships as you share stories and laughter.

Seamless Entry to Budapest’s Premier Clubs: A Night Without Hassles

After our rendezvous at the open bar, we’ll seamlessly transition to the grand finale of the evening—a visit to one of Budapest’s top clubs. Say goodbye to long queues and entry fees; we’ve covered everything. The club we choose for the night might vary depending on the day of the week, but rest assured, it’s always among the best in Budapest.

  • Akvárium Klub: This iconic venue, located in the heart of Budapest, offers an eclectic mix of music, from live performances to renowned DJs spinning the latest hits. It’s an underground hub where the city’s vibrant arts and music scene converge.
  • Corvin Club & Roof Terrace: Perched atop a shopping center, the Corvin Club & Roof Terrace provides a panoramic view of Budapest’s skyline. Dance the night away under the stars or take in the breathtaking scenery—it’s an experience.
  • Ötkert: Ötkert, known for its stylish interior and electric atmosphere, is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. It’s where fashion meets nightlife, and you’re invited to be a part of the glamour.

Your Expert Guides: Passionate About Budapest’s Nightlife

Our team is passionate about Budapest, and we can’t wait to share its vibrant nightlife with you. Our friendly guides are more than just hosts; they are your local experts, deeply ingrained in the city’s culture and nightlife. They’ve meticulously handpicked the bars on the route, ensuring you get the most out of your night.

Our guides have their finger on the pulse of Budapest’s nightlife scene and are always in the know about the hottest spots in the city. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, our guides are here to make your experience unforgettable. They’ll introduce you to the unique stories behind each bar and provide insights into Budapest’s rich history and culture.

So, sit back, relax, and let us handle all the details while you enjoy the best of Budapest’s nightlife. We’ve taken care of everything, from crafting the perfect route to ensuring you have an exceptional time from start to finish.

Crawl with Us: A Night to Remember

Take advantage of this incredible Budapest experience. Join us for a memorable evening of exploration, laughter, and fantastic drinks. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends, or making new ones along the way, our Original Budapest Pub Crawl promises a night to remember.

The city of Budapest is a treasure trove of experiences, and we’re here to help you unlock its secrets. Discover the magic of Budapest with us. Let’s make it a night you will remember!

Book Your Budapest Adventure Today

Ready to embark on an unforgettable journey through Budapest’s nightlife? Book your spot on the Original Budapest Pub Crawl today and get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime. Our carefully curated experience ensures you’ll see Budapest’s best while enjoying fellow travelers’ camaraderie.

Join us as we explore, sip, savor, and dance through this captivating city. Budapest awaits your arrival, and we can’t wait to show you the time of your life!

We love this city and can’t wait to show you the great bar crawl here. Our friendly guides know just about everything about the Budapest nightlife scene and are always trying to find out more. They invite you to crawl with them as they have hand selected the bars on the night’s route and will at some point throughout the night stop in and open up the bar for 1 hour free drinks. So sit back, relax and let us do all the thinking on finding the best places to go!

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What to expect

  • One of a kind night
  • 1 Hour open bar
  • best guides in town
  • Famous ruin bars
  • VIP entry to club

Tour Details

When: Every Night at 21:30
Where: Sark 2, Budapest, Wesselényi u. 21, 1077
Price: €27 (€20 for online reservation, and additional 3800HUF on arrival. You must book online to participate in the pub crawl, as all seats are reserved in advance.)