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What is the Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg and Why is it Noteworthy?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Walking Tour

Welcome to the world of Berlin’s architectural marvel, the Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg! In this blog post, we’ll explore the history, design, and significance of this remarkable structure.

1. History of the Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg

The Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg, located in Berlin, Germany, was designed by the renowned German architect Fritz Eisel and opened in 1999. It was built to serve as a crematorium, a facility for the dignified and respectful cremation of human remains.

1.1 Architect Fritz Eisel

Fritz Eisel was a prominent German architect known for his minimalist and functionalist approach to design. He believed in creating buildings that harmonize with their surroundings while fulfilling their intended purpose efficiently.

1.2 Concept and Construction

The Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg was constructed with concrete, glass, and steel, materials that not only provide structural integrity but also reflect the modernist aesthetic. The design incorporates large windows, skylights, and open spaces, allowing natural light to fill the interior and create a serene atmosphere for mourners.

2. Key Features and Design Elements

The Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg boasts several notable features and design elements that distinguish it from traditional crematoriums:

  • Minimalist Design: The building’s clean lines, simple forms, and neutral color palette epitomize the minimalist design philosophy.
  • Light-Filled Interior: Large windows and skylights flood the interior with natural light, symbolizing hope and enlightenment.
  • Chapel of Meditation: A spacious chapel within the crematorium complex provides a peaceful area for gathering, reflection, and memorial services.
  • Columbarium Walls: The facility includes dedicated spaces for the storage of urns, allowing loved ones to visit and honor the memory of the deceased.
  • Landscaped Gardens: Beautifully landscaped gardens surround the crematorium, offering a serene environment for visitors.

3. Significance and Cultural Impact

The Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg holds significance for both its architectural prowess and its contribution to Berlin’s cultural landscape:

3.1 Architectural Significance

The Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg is considered a masterpiece of modernist architecture, embodying the principles of simplicity, functionality, and integration with nature. Its design showcases the evolution of crematorium architecture and has inspired future projects around the world.

3.2 Cultural Impact

As a site dedicated to the respectful cremation of human remains, the Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg plays a vital role in Berlin’s funeral customs and rituals. It provides a dignified space for mourning and farewell, helping the bereaved find solace and closure.

4. Visiting the Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg

If you’re planning to visit the Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg, consider the following:

4.1 Opening Hours and Access

The crematorium is typically open to the public during specific hours. It’s advisable to check their official website or contact the facility directly for the most up-to-date information regarding visiting hours, guided tours, and any restrictions that may be in place.

4.2 Respectful Conduct

When visiting the Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg, it’s important to maintain an atmosphere of reverence and respect. Remember that it is a place where people mourn their loved ones, so quiet and respectful behavior is expected.

4.3 Engaging with the Surroundings

Take the time to explore the landscaped gardens surrounding the crematorium. These carefully curated spaces offer solace and tranquility, allowing visitors to find moments of peace and reflection.


The Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg stands as a testament to the architectural and cultural significance of Berlin. Its minimalist design, light-filled interior, and commitment to providing a dignified farewell make it a prominent landmark in the field of crematorium architecture. Whether you appreciate modernist design or seek a place for quiet contemplation, the Krematorium Berlin-Baumschulenweg offers a unique experience worth exploring.

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When: Every day 10am & 12pm every day
Where: The meeting point is in front of the ehemaliges Kaiserliches Postfuhramt Berlin, Oranienburger Straße, 10117 Berlin, Germany, next to the entrance.
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