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What Should You Know Before Visiting a Concentration Camp in Berlin?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Sachsenhausen


Visiting a concentration camp can be a deeply emotional and educational experience. It’s important to approach such a visit with sensitivity, respect, and a willingness to learn. In this guide, we will provide you with essential information to help you prepare for your visit to a concentration camp in Berlin.

1. Understand the Historical Significance

Before visiting a concentration camp in Berlin, it is crucial to have a basic understanding of the historical context. Concentration camps were established by the Nazi regime during World War II as part of their systematic genocide and persecution of millions of people, including Jews, Romani people, LGBTQ+ individuals, political dissidents, and others deemed undesirable by the Nazi ideology.

Knowing the history will enhance your experience, allowing you to appreciate the importance of remembering and honoring the victims.

2. Choose the Right Camp to Visit

There are several concentration camps near Berlin that you can visit, each with its own unique history and significance. The two main camps near Berlin are Sachsenhausen and Ravensbrück.

  • Sachsenhausen: Located just outside Berlin, Sachsenhausen was one of the first concentration camps established by the Nazis. It served as a model for other camps and also functioned as a training center for SS officers.
  • Ravensbrück: Situated north of Berlin, Ravensbrück was primarily a women’s camp. It is essential to recognize the specific experiences and hardships faced by women in the camp system.

Researching and choosing the right camp to visit will allow you to focus your attention and gain insight into a particular aspect of history.

3. Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit, consider the following:

Opening Hours:

Check the operating hours of the camp you intend to visit. Many concentration camp memorials have specific opening and closing times.

Guided Tours and Audio Guides:

Guided tours or audio guides can greatly enhance your understanding of the camp’s history. They provide insightful commentary, explanations, and personal stories.


Confirm if there are any accessibility options available, such as wheelchair access and facilities for individuals with disabilities.

4. Respectful Conduct during Your Visit

When visiting a concentration camp, it is of the utmost importance to behave respectfully:

  • Attire: Dress appropriately, considering the solemn nature of the visit. Modest and respectful clothing is recommended.
  • Silence and Reflection: Maintain a quiet and reflective atmosphere during your visit. Concentration camps are places of remembrance and should be treated with reverence.
  • Photography: Photography is often allowed in designated areas, but remember to exercise restraint and sensitivity. Avoid taking selfies or posing inappropriately.

5. Emotional Preparation

Visiting a concentration camp can evoke intense emotions. It is essential to mentally prepare for the experience and take care of yourself emotionally.

Consider talking to friends or family, reading survivor testimonies, or engaging in other activities that will help you process the emotional impact of your visit.


Visiting a concentration camp in Berlin is a profoundly educational experience, allowing us to honor the victims and learn from the past. By understanding the historical significance, planning your visit carefully, and approaching it with respect, you can make the most out of this experience and contribute to preserving the memory of those who suffered.

Thank you for your interest. To truly understand the depth and impact of Berlin's history, we invite you to join our Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour. This visit provides a solemn reminder of the past and pays respect to the memories of those who suffered. We hope to see you soon as we embark on this important journey together.


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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Tour

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