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What were the concentration camps around Berlin?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Sachsenhausen

When discussing Berlin’s history during World War II, it is crucial to understand the dark and tragic reality of concentration camps in the region. Concentration camps were sites where the Nazi regime imprisoned and systematically persecuted millions of innocent people. In this blog post, we will explore the concentration camps that existed around Berlin during that time. Let’s delve into this dark chapter of history.

1. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp

The Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp was established in 1936 and was one of the first camps built by the Nazis. Located just north of Berlin, it became a model for other concentration camps. Initially, it held political prisoners but later expanded to include Jews, homosexuals, and other groups targeted by the Nazis.

The conditions in Sachsenhausen were horrific. Many prisoners were subjected to forced labor, medical experiments, and brutal treatment. Thousands of people lost their lives here due to exhaustion, disease, and systematic executions.

1.1 Liberation and Memorial

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp was liberated by Soviet forces in April 1945. Following the war, it was used as a Soviet special camp until 1950. Today, it serves as a memorial and museum, allowing visitors to learn about the atrocities committed and commemorate the victims.

2. Ravensbrück Women’s Concentration Camp

Ravensbrück, located about 56 miles north of Berlin, was the largest women’s concentration camp during World War II. It opened in 1939 and imprisoned approximately 130,000 women, including political prisoners, resistance fighters, and Jews.

The conditions in Ravensbrück were extremely harsh. Prisoners endured hard labor, medical experiments, and random acts of violence by the guards. Many women were subjected to unspeakable atrocities, and a significant number lost their lives in the camp.

2.1 Liberation and Memorial

Ravensbrück was liberated by the Soviet Red Army in April 1945. Today, the site is maintained as a memorial where visitors can gain insights into the hardships faced by women during the Holocaust.

3. Auschwitz Sub-Camps

While not directly located near Berlin, several Auschwitz sub-camps operated within the region. Auschwitz-Birkenau, the largest Nazi concentration camp complex, sent prisoners to these satellite camps to meet the labor demands arising from the war industry.

One notable sub-camp was Auschwitz III-Monowitz, where prisoners were forced to work for the German chemical company, IG Farben. The conditions were brutal, and many prisoners succumbed to exhaustion, malnutrition, and disease.

3.1 Liberation and Memorial

In January 1945, Soviet troops liberated the Auschwitz concentration camp, including its sub-camps. Today, visiting Auschwitz-Birkenau provides a solemn reminder of the Holocaust’s magnitude and allows visitors to pay their respects to the victims.


Exploring the concentration camps around Berlin is a heartbreaking reminder of the atrocities committed during World War II. Sachsenhausen, Ravensbrück, and the Auschwitz sub-camps represent just a fraction of the numerous camps operating at the time. By learning about these camps and honoring their victims, we strive to ensure that such horrors are never repeated in the future.

We must continue to educate ourselves and future generations, forging a path towards a more compassionate and inclusive world.

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