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Why is Berlin Olympic Stadium considered an architectural masterpiece?

by | Mar 7, 2024 | Walking Tour

The Berlin Olympic Stadium, located in Berlin, Germany, is an iconic symbol of architectural excellence and an essential landmark in the city’s history. This extraordinary structure has captivated visitors from around the world and continues to be a site of great historical, cultural, and sporting significance.

Historical Background

The Berlin Olympic Stadium was initially constructed for the 1936 Summer Olympics held in Germany. The renowned architect, Werner March, was responsible for the design of this magnificent stadium, which was intended to showcase Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich’s grandeur and power.

Although it was built during a politically difficult time in Germany’s history, the stadium’s remarkable construction and ingenuity make it an architectural marvel that still remains relevant today.

The Architecture

The design of the Berlin Olympic Stadium combines classical and modern architectural elements, resulting in a timeless masterpiece. Its distinctive oval shape, grandstands, and imposing entrance gates give the stadium a majestic and theatrical appearance. The symmetrical structure complements its surroundings and has become an iconic part of Berlin’s urban landscape.

One of the most notable features of the stadium is its soaring bell tower that stands at a height of 75 meters. This tower offers a panoramic view of the entire stadium and provides visitors with a unique perspective on the venue’s size and scale.

Materials Used

The construction materials used for the Berlin Olympic Stadium were carefully selected to ensure its durability and aesthetic appeal. The stadium’s outer facade is primarily made of natural stone, giving it a solid and timeless appearance. The interior seating areas are constructed from concrete, providing stability and comfort for spectators.

The innovative use of glass in the stadium’s construction allows natural light to illuminate the space, creating a visually stunning effect both inside and outside the venue.

Sporting Facilities

While the stadium carries a significant historical legacy, it still actively serves as a multi-purpose sporting facility. Apart from hosting national and international football matches, the stadium is the home ground of Hertha BSC, Berlin’s premier football club.

The Berlin Olympic Stadium is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities including athletic tracks, training areas, and other essential amenities. It also has the capacity to accommodate over 74,000 spectators, making it one of the largest stadiums in Germany.

A Cultural Landmark

Beyond its sporting events, the Berlin Olympic Stadium has gained recognition as a cultural landmark. The stadium provides a venue for various other events, such as concerts, exhibitions, and festivals, showcasing its versatility and adaptability.

Every year, the stadium hosts the “Lichterfest,” a spectacular event featuring a mesmerizing display of lights and fireworks. This highly anticipated festival attracts visitors from near and far who come to witness the stadium transformed into a magical wonderland.

Visiting the Berlin Olympic Stadium

If you’re planning a trip to Berlin, visiting the Olympic Stadium should be high on your itinerary. Here are some useful tips to enhance your experience:

  • Check the stadium’s website for guided tours and visitor information.
  • Consider attending a football match or concert to fully experience the stadium’s vibrant atmosphere.
  • Take the opportunity to visit the Berlin Olympic Stadium’s interactive exhibition, which provides an insight into its history and construction.
  • Don’t forget to explore the surrounding parklands and take a leisurely walk around the stadium to appreciate its full splendor.

Visiting the Berlin Olympic Stadium is an immersive experience that offers a glimpse into history, culture, and architectural brilliance. So, make sure to include it in your travel plans and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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When: Every day 10am & 12pm every day
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