The Best Pub Crawl in Berlin

The Original Berlin Pub Crawl has been created by thousands of tourists, travelers, and locals. After getting feedback on a nightly basis about how awesome certain things were on the pub crawl, or how some things might have fallen short. We are happy to say we undoubtedly have the best Berlin pub crawl. Unlike other Berlin, pub crawls we use a variety of bars depending on the night. Each pub is hand selected by the guides of the evening based on crawl size, events at bars, and day of the week. This way we never miss a cool event at one of our pubs, and we always have a party spot to go to. We have built up relationships in the area and are friends with many of the owners and bar staff. This helps us get great discounts that we are happy to pass on to our guests. So don’t forget to be nice to the bar staff as they have helped us to become the biggest Pub crawl in Berlin!

Why a pub crawl in Berlin

Pub crawling in Berlin can be tricky, especially for the non-Deutsche speaking. Many places in Berlin have strict door policy’s and bouncers and locals alike can be a bit snobby about sharing their cool nightclub with a bunch of overdressed tourists. Which brings me to my next point. Depending on where you go Berlin may require fancy dress or actually deny anyone rock nightclub dress up. Now I admit I have seen it all on the Pub Crawl from beach sandals and a tank to prom dresses. So I’ll admit there are always those who won’t know what to wear but Berlin can be extra tricky. My advice…put a nice t-shirt and jeans on!

If your new to the city just finding an area to go out can be quite difficult. Sure, there are hundreds of places to go, and plenty of clubs to choose from every night. The difficulty is that there really isn’t one area with all the nightlife in it. Prague has an old town, Hamburg has the Reeperbahn, Amsterdam has the Red light…and so on. Berlin is much more spread out. Any look at a top ten club list can lead you wildly across town  from place to place with an hour of train time in between each (or a costly taxi ride.) Our advice, hang back in the pubs, clubs for a while. Find a nice area with a street full of them. Have some drinks make a plan for the night. Always have a backup club in case the first one doesn’t work out, and always have a backup plan for that. If you don’t want to make your own plans go ahead and join the Original Berlin Pub Crawl. We have an amazing night already sorted out for you.


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