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 Bild The Original Berlin Free Alternative Tour

The FREE Original Berlin Alternative Tour

  • Street art and graffiti
  • Squats & projects
  • Parks, späti's, food and bars
  • Tips to the best of Berlin
  • A Day of Berlin culture
  • FREE

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    The Original Berlin Free Alternative Tour

    This tour is also available in: deGerman

    A social tour, your day in the life of a Berliner!

    If you only take one tour in Berlin take this one. The Original Berlin Free Price Alternative Tour is a must-see for travelers and locals alike. Discover Berlin’s alternative culture in a social, informative and fun atmosphere. Organized by our team of expats who have decided Berlin is the place to be. Your guide strives to give you the best possible experience of the city and the best thing is it’s for a free price … what that means is that you choose how much you pay.

    Socialise with other travelers while your knowledgeable guide reveals the unique atmosphere of Berlin’s Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukölln districts.

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    The Free Berlin Alternative tour takes up to 2.5-3 hrs and features:

    Street art and graffiti in all of its forms,
    Squats & community projects,
    Berlin’s celebrations and festivals

    Parks, späti’s, food, bars
    Berlin’s modern culture
    And much more. . .

    An alternative way to get an insight of how Berlin has evolved into the benchmark of alternative living and become Europe’s cultural capital.

    Get the best tips on where to find live music, what club to go to and where to eat here in Berlin.
    The tour may take one of the several routes through Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg and Neukolln depending on the guide, the needs of the group and the weather on the day.
    We will take the time to make sure you see a bunch of cool stuff while having time to chill out and enjoy all that the city has to offer.
    Want to stop for a beer along the way? Although this isn’t specifically a drinking tour we understand the importance of a social atmosphere so expect to stop and chill out. 

    Free Berlin Alternative Tour

    Original Free Berlin Alternative TourBook now Free Berlin Alternative Tour

    The tour meets  daily at  12.30

     at one80 in Alexanderplatz Otto-Braun-Straße 65, 10178 Berlin*

    Free Alternative Berlin Walking Tour Video

    Tour Details

    The tour meets Everyday @ 12.30
    at one80 in Alexanderplatz Otto-Braun-Straße 65, 10178 Berlin

    This tour is also available in: deGerman

    Ben (Manchaster, UK)
    "Alternative Tours in Berlin was a fantastic experience. It was invaluable to have an insight into the context and history of this truly happening city." - Ben (Manchaster, UK)
    Shira (Australia)
    "If I wasn't convinced of Berlin being a hip and happening city; then after my "Alternative Berlin Street Tour", I was sold!" - Shira (Australia)
    Amy (New Zealand)
    "After a few different pub crawls in Europe this tops it off!! Amazing fun and very informative and awesome guides. Cocktail bar was so so cheap and fun." - Amy (New Zealand)
    Cormac (Ireland)
    "I cant believe all the free shots we got and that you pay once and can come back as often as you like. 2 different clubs 6 bars in 2 days and all for €12." - Cormac (Ireland)
    Sophie, Jess, Cass, Esther, Miriam, Jack (England)
    "We came to Berlin for our friends birthday and we wanted to party! The Pub Crawl was AMAZING!" - Sophie, Jess, Cass, Esther, Miriam, Jack (England)
    Daniel (Australia)
    "I did the Pub Crawl and had so much fun i came back a few more times. The clubs we went to were awesome fun. Go do it guys." - Daniel (Australia)
    Owen (Netherlands)
    "You come to Berlin to party and this is definitely a party. Cheap drinks and great people around. I loved it and the Flip cup in the last bar was so much fun." - Owen (Netherlands)